I had a pretty nasty breakup with my boyfriend. I saw some things in his character I hadn’t realized were there. I asked him to send back a sex video we made  a couple of months ago. But when I asked him for it back, I heard nothing. I’m thinking about going over to his crib and confronting him. What do you think?

Mia: You can try but you already have dude's answer. The moral of the story is never give anything X-rated to a friend that you wouldn't also give to an enemy. You made a rookie move. Now, the proverbial ball is in his court. You'd better hope his character isn't as shady as you alluded to in your email. Good luck.

Steve: I'm afraid there is nothing to be gained by confrontation. If you get a copy, what you will get is a copy. There's no way to be sure it is the one and only. If he posts it online and you see it, preserve the evidence. You may have a lawsuit.

I’m a newlywed, married just three months after a whirlwind long-distance courtship. Me and my husband met online and everything is wonderful except he’s a widower  and his daughter is living with us while she saves up for her own place.  She has had a lot of problems, most recently a DUI.  Me and her dad got into it the other day because he lets her boyfriend spend the night any time he feels like it. I came downstairs the other day in my robe and the young man was sitting in our kitchen eating breakfast. What made it worse is how I felt when he looked at me. It made me really uncomfortable. I wasn’t raised like this.  I just moved in and I hate to be the bad guy. I already feel like an outsider as it is. Should I say something?

Steve: Yes. Your husband may have a duty to his daughter, but not to her boo. Tell hubby having him around makes you uncomfortable. You might agree to an occasional sleepover, but not regular booty calls.

Mia: Give baby girl a down payment for an apartment and then help her pack. The sooner she gets out of your love nest, the sooner you can walk around in your nighty without having her boyfriend's eyes following your every move.