Me and this guy I’m seeing get along really good. We’ve been talking about moving in together to save money and get to know each other even better. But his breath is like fire. He never brushes his teeth. When me and him are in the car, I swear it’s like it hits the windshield and blows back in my face. I’ve dropped hints but nothing works. Help!

Steve: Dropping hints isn't working so maybe you should try dropping mints.

Mia: This sounds like the kind of foul breath that can't be cured by popping a mint. Put your relationship on hold and don't you dare move in with that funky-breath dude until he sees a dentist. That foul smell may be from a decayed tooth — or worse. So call up a dentist, make an appointment for him and demand he go — or else.

While we were taking family pictures during the family reunion my father-in-law put his hand on my butt.  I didn’t say anything. I tried to convince myself it was a mistake, but when I’m around him I always feel as if he is watching me. My husband says to ignore him, but it makes me uncomfortable. In July, we are going to another family reunion and he’s going to be there. I’m going to feel self-conscious in my swimsuit in front of him. Any suggestions on how to handle this situation?

Mia: A considerate husband would pull his dad aside and tell him to knock it off. But since you don't have that, you are going to have handle the old codger yourself. If you catch him watching you, confront it head on. Tell him "Stop watching me!" Say it loud and make it clear that you mean business. That means no smiling and putting some bass in your voice. Stay in a hotel if you can and keep an eye out for other female relatives to make sure they aren't being sexually harassed like you have been.

Steve: #MeToo. Mia has nailed it. I'll add this — if he touches you again, smack him, like in the old movies.