Contacting old flame likely to get you burned


Q: A GUY I went to high school with recently discovered a website for alumni. I don't remember those years very fondly and have little interest in visiting the site.

But recently he said he'd discovered that a girl I had a crush on back then had joined the site. I wish he hadn't told me. I find myself thinking about her every day, wanting to get in touch. I'm happily married and haven't seen my high-school crush in 30 years, but I just can't get her out of my mind.

I feel like I can't move on until I contact her. Advice?


Steve: What could possibly go wrong? Oh, that's right - everything. I'm going to take a wild guess and suggest that this woman doesn't look nearly as good as she did 30 years ago. Better to hold fond memories of how things were than spoil them with the reality of how things are.

Mia: Take it from one who knows. Do not go there. Nothing good could come of it. Instead, take your wife out to dinner and tell her how much you love her. Let the man of 30 years ago - and the high-school crush - live in your memories only.