Saturday, January 31, 2015

Solomon Jones

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Solomon Jones is the author of 10 books, including his latest novel, The Dead Man's Wife (Minotaur Books), and the humor collection Daddy’s Home: A Memoir of Fatherhood and Laughter. The married father of three has been featured on NPR and CNN and has penned columns on parenting for national magazines like Essence. He created Words on the Street, a program that helps students and parents improve literacy. His column appears Tuesdays in the Daily News. More at


"DEFLATEGATE," the latest NFL scandal, has reminded me of my fatherly duty to pass my hatred of the New England Patriots on to my children.
Thousands cheer for Patriots at Super Bowl sendoff in Boston
SINCE WOMEN of color are setting trends - from Lupita Nyong'o as People's most beautiful to Ava DuVernay as the Oscars' most snubbed - I thought it was time for me to talk to my wife about the latest in film, fun and fashion.
His attachment to work is who he is

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