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Tirdad Derakhshani was born in Tehran, Iran, and raised in London and rural North Jersey, where he closely studied a theoretical, radical post-Hegelian approach to cow-tipping. He moved to Philadelphia in the mid-'80s to seek enlightenment, and instead received a B.A. in literature at Penn. While pursuing doctoral studies in modern religious thought and philosophy, he worked at the Inquirer as a news clerk, researcher, editor, and entertainment writer.

He hopes SideShow will help citizens better understand the vicissitudes of the Consumerist-Military-Industrial-Infotainment Complex, or, in other words, why Britney Spears has a tendency to shave her head, Brangelina to adopt children, and Lindsay Lohan to crave imprisonment.

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Beyoncé releases 'BEYONCÉ' The world awoke Friday to find Beyoncé had dropped a new album with nary an advance word.
Americana dominates Globes Two quintessentially American tales, 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle, picked up a leading seven Golden Globe noms each...
What happens when Kevin Hart, Conan O'Brien, and Ice Cube hitch a ride with a complete stranger?
Tasha Smith overshares pregnancy woes
Sofia Vergara admits she loves making money

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