Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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Tirdad Derakhshani was born in Tehran, Iran, and raised in London and rural North Jersey, where he closely studied a theoretical, radical post-Hegelian approach to cow-tipping. He moved to Philadelphia in the mid-'80s to seek enlightenment, and instead received a B.A. in literature at Penn. While pursuing doctoral studies in modern religious thought and philosophy, he worked at the Inquirer as a news clerk, researcher, editor, and entertainment writer.

He hopes SideShow will help citizens better understand the vicissitudes of the Consumerist-Military-Industrial-Infotainment Complex, or, in other words, why Britney Spears has a tendency to shave her head, Brangelina to adopt children, and Lindsay Lohan to crave imprisonment.

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Long live the Queen The fellas love Aretha Franklin: Denzel Washington helped the Queen of Soul celebrate her 72d birthday in style, and Andre 3000 and Babyface are working on new music for the icon.
Franco, Rogen spoof Kimye yet again
‘Black Television News Channel’ finally coming to Philly
Ain't she amazing? This made headlines from Bakersville, Calif., to Kandahar on Friday: Kim Kardashian has attained her ultimate goal: Appearing - in a wedding outfit - on the cover of Vogue!
‘Black Television News Channel’ finally coming to Philly
It happened: Kim and Kanye are on the cover of Vogue

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