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Tirdad Derakhshani was born in Tehran, Iran, and raised in London and rural North Jersey, where he closely studied a theoretical, radical post-Hegelian approach to cow-tipping. He moved to Philadelphia in the mid-'80s to seek enlightenment, and instead received a B.A. in literature at Penn. While pursuing doctoral studies in modern religious thought and philosophy, he worked at the Inquirer as a news clerk, researcher, editor, and entertainment writer.

He hopes SideShow will help citizens better understand the vicissitudes of the Consumerist-Military-Industrial-Infotainment Complex, or, in other words, why Britney Spears has a tendency to shave her head, Brangelina to adopt children, and Lindsay Lohan to crave imprisonment.

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The civil rights movement isn't merely a piece of history to be relegated to textbooks, David Oyelowo and Oprah Winfrey said at the New York premiere of their film Selma. "In Selma, it was voting rights. Initially it was a black problem. It wasn't until Bloody Sunday . . . that it became an American problem," Oyelowo, who plays the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., tells USA Today.
Knightley pregnant Brit beauty Keira Knightley is in a family way, People mag reports on its website. Knightley, 29, is married to James Righton, 31, keyboardist for the British rock band Klaxons. The info came from A Source, People writes. The couple mar

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