Sideshow: Trouble in Osbourne-ville

They've been married 155 Hollywood years (31 in real time), so it'd be tragic if the Osbournes split up, as per rumors. There's word Sharon, 60, has moved out. Now even Ozzy, 64, admits there's a problem: Alcohol and drug addiction. An alumnus of numerous rehabs, Ozzy admits he's been on an 18-month binge. (In real time!) "I would like to apologize to Sharon [and] my family . . . for my insane behavior," the headbanger says on Facebook.

He says he's cleaning up his act and has been sober for 44 days. "I'm just trying to be a better person," Ozzy writes. He adds most emphatically, "Sharon and I are not divorcing." Sources tell TMZ that Sharon isn't impressed. But will she forgive him? Will she go back to him when he's had a few more days under his belt? No one knows.

Lucy in the sky with an AK-47

Top politician Sen. Paul McCartney (Beatles Party), has made an impassioned plea for tougher gun- control laws, adding his PR heft to the grass-roots Voices Against Violence org spearheaded by Tony Bennett and son Danny. A raft of celebs signed up in advance of Wednesday's Senate vote on gun bill amendments, including Alec Baldwin, Gloria Estefan, Josh Groban, k.d. lang, Juanes, Romeo Santos, Rosie O'Donnell, and Mia Farrow.

Grinding that rumor mill

Did Rihanna cancel four shows because of morning sickness, as the tabloids say? (Woah! she's having a baby with Chris Brown?) Hold your horses: Unnamed Source tells TMZ that RiRi had a throat infection. Period. . . . Shakira, 36, heaps piles of scorn on ex-bf Antonio de la Rua in court papers submitted to counter a $250 mil lawsuit filed by the guy, claiming she owes him for making her into a star and for inspiring her to write the song "Waka Waka," which was used for the 2010 World Cup. . . . She was offered a seven-figure advance, but Adele has turned down an offer to write her memoir. She gives the strangest reason: The truth. She says she's too young to fill a memoir.

Timberlake down in charts

Rock trio Paramore has upset ex-Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake's plans for world domination. Their self-titled fourth album outsold Justin's The 20/20 Experience, 106,000 units to 98,000, in its debut week, to end Justin's three-week rule at No. 1. Justin's LP fell to third place. Brad Paisley's Wheelhouse takes No. 2 with 100,000. (Paisley's record does take top spots on the Country Albums chart.)

Sofia Vergara's huevos . . .

. . . have been frozen. The curvelicious Modern Family star, 40, tells Mehmet Oz on The Dr. Oz Show that she's had a cache of frozen eggs ready for when she chooses to have her second child. That'd be now. "We're planning," says Sofia, whose luv partner is businessman Nick Loeb. Sofia, who beat thyroid cancer in '92 is wary of altering her body - including getting breast reduction surgery. She tells Dr. Oz: "I thought about it and checked with my mom; she said, 'God is going to punish you. . . . Do you know how many women are risking their lives to have what [you've got]?' "

Seth MacFarlane objects

Seth MacFarlane is incensed by a montage of scenes from his show Family Guy posted on YouTube which seems to suggest his characters are making jokes about the Boston bombings. The effect was created when two separate clips from the March episode "Turban Cowboy" were cut together.

"The edited Family Guy clip . . . is abhorrent," MacFarlane tweets. "The event was a crime and a tragedy."

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