Sideshow: Prince Harry heads back to the war front

That Prince Harry sure gets around.

Seems like only yesterday he was playing naked billiards in Las Vegas with his guy- and gal-pals. Photos circulated of the royal heinie. He was getting in a few last bank shots before shipping off to Afghanistan, for his second four-month tour of duty. On Friday, Harry reported to his squadron in Camp Bastion, Helmand province, where he'll be a copilot gunner on Apache helicopters fighting the Taliban. Come home safe, sweet Prince.

Fairey gets dusted

Remember Shepard Fairey? In 2008, the street artist produced the far-famed Barack Obama "Hope" poster ( Um, said the Associated Press, isn't that our photo, taken by Manny Garcia? Fairey claimed fair use - i.e., he wasn't bound by copyright. The AP tried to get credit and payment. Fairey sued the AP, seeking a fair-use ruling.

For a while he was a hero for folks wanting a different way of looking at copyright. Then it all caved in. Fairey, 42, pleaded guilty to lying and forging documents. The Department of Justice pressed for jail time, but a judge on Friday said no: For misdemeanor contempt, Fairey will get two years' suspended sentence, 300 hours' community service (if he finishes within a year, so will his sentence), and a $25,000 fine.

R.E.M. disses Fox

R.E.M. retired in September - but now they're blasting Fox News for using their classic tune "Losing My Religion" during coverage of the Democratic National Convention. A steamed Michael Stipe said in a statement, "We have little or no respect for their puff adder brand of reportage" - oh, snap!!!! - and "our music does not belong there." Recently, the Silversun Pickups and Dee Snider of Twisted Sister told the GOP not to play their tunes at rallies.

Emily's eyes . . .

Welcome to SideShow, Emily Dickinson! So far, the Godmother of U.S. Poetry has been identified in only one image ( for sure. Now there might be a second. Folks at University of Massachusetts, Amherst College, say an unnamed collector bought an 1859 daguerreotype ( in 1995, and they've been studying it since 2007. It seems to show Ems, about 29, sitting with her pal Kate Scott Turner. Folks compared Em's big eyes with the eyes in the other 1847 shot - and it's a match! Ophthalmic evidence!

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