Alex Trebek heals, Ann Curry's golden bungee cord, and the top-earning models

Game-show host Alex Trebek, 71, has suffered a mild heart attack. The genial host of a lotta Jeopardy! episodes is expected to recover and be ready for new epis, which start recording in July, say reps at Sony Television. You go, Alex baby. Getting Better for $10,000!!


We'd jump for that

SideShow favorite Ann Curry, cohost of NBC's Today, is being pressed to quit because of stinky ratings. Now the New York Post reports the Big Peacock is dangling a $10 million golden bungee cord to scram. Take it!


New charges against John Travolta

Fabian Zanzi, a former attendant for cruise company Royal Caribbean, has filed suit in L.A. against John Travolta, saying that on a 2009 cruise the actor undid his robe, pressed up against him, and offered him $12,000 not to tell, says Travolta's lawyer, Marty Singer, says it's nonsense. Two other men recently filed suit against Travolta on sex-related charges, but the suits are in various states of abeyance.


Baby, you're a rich girl, too!

The happy wackomaths at Forbes have identified the world's 10 highest-earning models. From May 1, 2011, to this May 1, they earned just a tick under $100 million. Tops is Mrs. Tom Brady, i.e., Gisele Bündchen, the Brazilian superbody marketing genius who smoggled up a gobsmacking $45 mil, nearly five times more than humiliated No. 2, U.K. lady Kate Moss, who made only a squat, disconsolate $9.5 million. In her 30s, G-Bund's a trifle aged for her job, but she knows how to run a business, meaning herself-as-brand. The other eight: (3) Natalia Vodianova (Russia), $8.6 mil; (4) Adriana Lima (Brazil), $7.3 mil; (5) Doutzen Kroes (Netherlands), $6.9 mil; (6) Alessandra Ambrósio (Brazil), $6.6 mil; (7) Miranda Kerr (Australia), $4 mil; (8) Lara Stone (Netherlands), $3.8 mil; (9) Carolyn Murphy, the lone U.S. lady in the entire list (oh, come on now!), with $3.5 mil; and (10) Candice Swanepoel (South Africa), $3.1 mil. What about our girl Heidi Klum, who racked up $20 mils and would have been second, as she was last year? Forbes says she's not a model anymore. She's now a "mogul," making more $$$ from mogulizing than modeling. So is Tyra Banks, who runs the world in secret.


New ruling in a real-life cold case

Connecticut police now say the February 1967 death of Diane McDermott, mother of actor Dylan McDermott (American Horror Story), was a homicide. It long had been ruled an accident. She died when Dylan was only 5. He was standing outside the apartment, in fact, and heard the shot. Her boyfriend was a mob guy named John Sponza, but he ended up killed in 1972. Dylan, seeking peace, asked Waterbury police to reopen the case. They reviewed the evidence and now say Sponza did it. Dylan has had no comment.


He's too busy pumping iron

Reality-TV sometimer Nadya "Octomom" Suleman declared in March that (a) she'd been celibate for the last 13 years, and (b) despite constant male pleas to become uncelibate, she'd stay intact until her octuplets were 18. That's another 15 years, yo, for those on calculators. Now she tells TMZ she has a boyfriend, bodybuilder Frankie G. No comment from him, which may be wise.


If we didn't tell, you wouldn't know

Eric Christian Olsen (NCIS: Los Angeles) wed Sara Wright (21 and Over) Saturday near Jackson Hole, Wyo. The couple, who met in 2006, are reportedly still married. … Pregnant Reese Witherspoon said Saturday night in Chicago that "frankly, I'm feeling very round tonight." She and hub Jim Toth await arrival of an autumnal infant. … Last, and certainly least, is rapper Soulja Boy, who got his Bentley in a crash in Hollyvoid on Saturday night. The other driver? He imputes to her astonishing powers of visual acuity and instant decision-making. He says she was not only at fault, but also did it on purpose, to get paid. And is a "racist"! At night, at a traffic light, she figures out his race and celeb status, and decides to get in a crash with world-famous Soulja and get rich. That's some other driver!


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