‘SideShow’: Summer’s lung cancer; Will Smith slap-happy; High Laurie tearful

Donna Summer’s family says the singer died of lung cancer even though she wasn’t a smoker. TMZ says the diva believed she contracted the disease by breathing in toxic air after the Sept. 11 attacks in New York.

Summer, who died Thursday at 63 in Naples, Fla., lived near ground zero.

Summer’s family rep, Brian Edwards, also said on Friday that the singer’s funeral would be private and declined to disclose a time or place for the event.

J-Lo: I’m undecided

Jennifer Lopez denies she’s already quit American Idol. “There is no truth to reports that say I am definitely leaving Idol. All I said was I haven’t decided.”

Wayne Newton lawsuit

Wayne Newton is being sued by a company that is turning his 40-acre Vegas estate, with its South African penguins and Arabian horses, into a museum to compete with Elvis’ Graceland. CSD says Newton, 70, was paid for the job but refuses to move. The suit also says Newton sexually harassed a female employee and has mistreated his horses. Newton is filing his own breach-of-contract suit.

Will Smith slaps journo

Caught on tape by TMZ: In Moscow to hype Men in Black 3, Will Smith is approached by a Ukrainian guy reporter who tries to kiss him on the kisser. Smith proceeds to slap him hard across the face. “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker-punch him,” says the Philly-born star.

Sean Penn: Help Haiti!

Sean Penn attacked the media at a fund-raising dinner at the Cannes Film Festival for abandoning earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Penn accused people of helping only for show. “The reason people get Haiti fatigue is that they never commit in the first place,” he said.

Hugh Laurie: Sobbing

“There was a lot of sobbing,” Hugh Laurie tells Jay Leno about the final days on the set of House, M.D., which bows out Monday. “It felt like we were having little mini-memorial services each day” as each actor completed his or her final scene.

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