Saturday, July 4, 2015

Scott Sturgis

Scott Sturgis’ love for the automobile blossomed at an early age: His greatest joy was having his mother or father wheel his stroller to the main drag of his tiny hometown to watch the cars and trucks pass by. He began writing about cars for the (Cleveland) Plain Dealer in 2001. Later he started writing articles for the New York Times.

The goal of Driver's Seat? Real-world reviews of real-world cars. Most of us drive mainly to work, the mall, or the kid's recital, and we want vehicles that offer some comfort and a minimum of embarrassment.

We spend more time stuck in traffic than cruising winding seaside lanes. Performance usually means "Do the windows fog up excessively?" "Can I figure out the blasted stereo controls on the fly?" "Will it be worth anything when it's time to trade up?" or "Will the melted crayons come out of the seats?" (Alas, the answer to that last question is almost always: "Not entirely.")

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