Friday, May 29, 2015

Rob Watson

Rob Watson has been playing videogames since the beginning. From the Atari 2600 and the Commodore 64 on through to all the Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft systems. He has a fairly good history with PC gaming as well, though he prefers the couch more than the desk chair. Suffice to say, his chances of chronic arthritis coming sooner than later are no longer in doubt. Now, he is at your disposal, mangled digits and all.
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In what can be viewed only as a storm of epic proportions, game developer Blizzard announced that 2.4 million members of its eight-million-strong World of Warcraft user base put up their rubies, gold coins, and other means of purchase to buy the new Burning Crusade expansion pack. In the first day!
Putting Sony PlayStations in schools seems a good idea, if not a new one.
Sony PlayStations in the classroom? What a novel idea. The game consoles would not be added to schoolrooms so kids could show off their latest Mortal Kombat moves; they can do that in the schoolyard. But to, gasp, learn stuff! Actually, this isn't so novel. The History Channel is using game engines to supplement programs, the armed forces use video games to teach tactics, and many schools use PC games to trick kids into actually retaining something. Sneaky. This is worth mentioning because British developer Relentless Software fine-tuned its popular quiz game, Buzz, in a collaboration with the Department for Education and Skills in Britain. The result is a 5,000-question game based on school curriculum. Think kids won't want to post the highest score on this game, too?