Brace yourself for El Specter

His political conversion has roiled the campaign waters in Pennsylvania.

CommentaryRick Santorum: A welcome to the party

Which bunch on Capitol Hill is rigid and narrow-minded? Specter just joined it.

Health care: Obama's plan or yours?

We should choose a health-care system in which decisions are made closer to home.

Going against democracy

By supporting a Chavez wannabe over constitutional principles in Honduras, Obama has chosen the wrong side of a struggle - again.

Surprised by Sen. McCain

Despite the potential, he and Obama have locked horns on virtually every issue.

Who will collect the dots?

Nine years after 9/11, Obama's plan will make it more difficult to protect the country.

Promises have been broken

Obama's proposal would force many into a government plan, despite his guarantees.

Christian freedoms at risk

Why would the U.S. government force a Catholic college to pay for birth control?

Obama's failing Iran policy

The president stiffs the pro-democracy movement and boosts Ahmadinejad.

A war of ideas within Islam

Backward views hold sway in much of the Muslim world. And yet there is hope.

Diversity, but at what cost?

Political correctness in the military is not merely absurd. It's dangerous.

Challenging science dogma

As with evolution, the 'consensus' on climate change has become an ideology.

McCain: Obama's secret weapon?

A desire by both men to secure their places in history might forge an unlikely pairing.

Voting GOP with their feet

Population trends are favoring Republicans who run for president and Congress.

Tide turns against Obama

Democrats faced a pair of devastating defeats. Republicans must seize the day.

What Ahmadinejad wants

The Iranian president's radical religious views favor war and chaos. Will Obama back the only forces that might stop him?
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