Rick Nichols

A New Pig on the Block

A longtime seafood house has adopted a new name and a new menu: Q for barbecue.

Who'll save pepper hash?

Only a few stalwarts still serve this Philadelphia standby, a worthy accompaniment to fish.

A fish town once more

The river ward throws a Shad Fest, celebrating the return of its once-teeming spring visitors.

Steaks rarer at Table 31

Classic Italian is the new focus, as Chris Scarduzio pulls out of the recent red-meat stampede.

Panini-maker and president

Marco Lentini's fare is not truly "health food," as Obama labeled it. But it is good food.

Expect the unexpected at Chifa

Jose Garces puts his own spin on the Peruvian-Chinese cuisine. It's the latest addition to his restaurant empire, and to East Chestnut's restaurant row.

At Fork, this one won't let go

Top chef Terence Feury, hooked by the tiny tank that is Fork, is hands-on all the way.

The waiting game in Port Richmond

Polish eateries and bakeries mark time until the mad rush for traditional treats at Easter time.

Satisfying his hunger

Slice is Jason Dilks' homage to the delectable Trenton pizza he grew up eating.

Elemental beer bread

A Lancaster County bakery makes full use of ingredients at the family brewery nearby.

No room for the inn?

Delicious temptations lure the diner away from a perfectly cozy Bucks County hearth.

Making a stand

The Reading market will answer a new threat by giving its roots a chance to regrow.

Heavenly, earthy ham

Enjoying brushes with serrano and Parma, Southern country hams take on well-bred airs.

Cod, catch of the holidays

Baccala and unsalted kin flip back onto the Christmas scene, just a soak away from a feast.

Pale Caesar: A salad wilts

With fond memories in mind, a fan reckons the rise and fall of "skillful tableside preparation."

Just three little letters

The scarlet sign points the way to Prohibition Taproom, telling you all you need to know.
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