Rick Nichols

Unchanged tastes of Trinidad

Claudette Campbell serves Trinidad's specialties at Chestnut Hill Farmers Market.

Vietnamese hoagies 2 ways

At Center City's new Sampan they're chic. At Saigon Plaza, in Pennsauken, workaday.

Bitters, so dashing

Fee Brothers rides the cocktail craze and Angostura's stagger with its concoctions - even rhubarb.

Eat in, take out: All good

As cafe customers partake of the new, Garces Trading's market concept is an unexpected winner.

This Vetri cooks, too

Father Sal's meatballs, so popular with his son's staff, have landed on Amis' menu.

It's not just about the coffee

Customer service trumps even the bean as Jeff Lincoln returns with Passero's.

From nuts to soups

Chestnuts are showing up on menus across the area, a warm delight on cold winter days.

Dickens day in Narberth

Citizens came out in Victorian costume, caroling and consuming festive comestibles.

Texas BBQ, come to Phila.

It's not vinegary, not sweet, not blackened, familiar styles in these parts. It's smoked.

K-never fear, k-nishes here

Lipkin's Bakery in the Northeast is back from a fire with the Jewish dumpling/turnover goodies.

A visit from much-missed Fritz Blank

The chef returns from Thailand for a salute to his cook- ing and collecting, in the city of his savory glory days.

Beefing up the hot dog

With gourmet treatments and extras, chefs are hitting the lowly food out of the ballpark.

Back home, with a bistro

At his Gemelli, Clark Gilbert is serving road-tested classics to a walk-in crowd of Narberth locals.

Steve Poses @ home

The caterer and creator of the iconic Frog and Commissary restaurants has gone electronic. His new venture links a household cookbook to the Web.
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