Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Rich Hofmann

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Rich Hofmann arrived at the Daily News in 1980 for a job whose status was officially designated as "full-time, temporary." A senior at Penn at the time, he was hired to fill in on the copy desk during a staff illness. The notion of him covering the Eagles or being a columnist did not exist in anyone's imagination. It was supposed to be six weeks and out, but he never left. It is only one of the reasons why so many people have concerns about him as a potential house guest.

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Rich Hofmann
Rich Hofmann: What needs to come is a mix of punishment and symbolism. What needs to happen are sanctions that attempt to make amends and also to ensure that nothing like this could ever happen again.
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Rich Hofmann
Rich Hofmann: It is hard not to think that this wretched season is going to make Cole Hamels less likely to want to stay in Philly.
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