Monday, November 30, 2015

Phil Sheridan

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Phil Sheridan became an Inquirer sports columnist after covering the Eagles for seven years. He brings a seasoned and reasoned point of view to a landscape of frustrated fans. But Sheridan knows where they're coming from, being a Philadelphia native and a graduate of Temple University.

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Latest post: Collins: Bynum 'might be best low-post center' - Aug 10 - 8:04 PM
When sports fans started referring to players as "pieces," things were never quite the same. It has something to do with fans taking a more sophisticated view of the teams they follow. Everyone thinks he or she can do a better job than Ruben Amaro Jr. or Howie Roseman or Paul Holmgren or other general managers. In some cases, everyone may be right. In most cases, probably not.
Maybe Chip Kelly really is a football visionary. He managed to make an NFL preseason game pretty darn interesting. The Kelly era began in Philadelphia on Friday night with an intrigue-filled exhibition against the New England Patriots - the franchise Kelly is trying to emulate. After months of speculation, the curtain was pulled back on what Kelly has been building in the relative secrecy afforded by the NovaCare Complex.

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