He'd like to learn about firefighting

Daevon, 8, likes second grade and loves all sports.

Daevon celebrated his eighth birthday a few days ago, but he already has an eye on a career: firefighting. In the short term, he'd love to learn more about the job by visiting a firehouse and talking to the firefighters.

He has a delightful smile and an appealing personality, and although he can be a bit shy when meeting new people, he soon warms up, especially if the conversation turns to sports. Doesn't matter which one. He loves all kinds.

When Daevon must play indoors, his favorite activities are watching cartoons and listening to hip-hop.

Daevon likes school, and just started second grade. He receives special-education services and benefits from small classes and individual attention.

In addition to a firefighting career, Daevon has another dream: to be adopted. He would flourish with a patient, committed family that would give him love and a structured environment. He is very close to his siblings, with whom he should remain in touch.


Daevon and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Sheina Martinez at the National Adoption Center.

smartinez@adopt.org 267-443-1872