Comcast SportsNet takes over sports duties at NBC10

BIG THINGS ARE AFOOT at Comcast SportsNet and NBC10. It was announced yesterday to staffers at both stations that starting in January, CSN will provide complete sports reports for NBC10's sportscasts.

What does that mean for on-air personalities? I hear that sports reporter John Clark has been offered a position in the new world order, but he's reportedly decided to remain the face of NBC10 sports. Vai Sikahema (who has been transitioning to news-anchor status as of late) will still cover the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia for NBC10, but some of his coverage will also appear on CSN.

When I asked about whether jobs would be lost, reps from both stations said that logistics were still being figured out.

A similar situation happened in San Francisco in 2011 when Comcast SportsNet Bay Area took over all sports coverage for NBC affiliate KNTV (now called NBC Bay Area). In that situation, the San Francisco Chronicle reported, no jobs were lost.



Take it to the Eubanks

Kevin Eubanks, former leader of the "Tonight Show" Band, and his brothers, Duane and Robin, will be in town today to receive Star Almunus EDDY Awards at the Philadelphia Education Fund's ninth annual ceremony.

Kevin Eubanks, a Germantown High School grad, talked with me about the importance of music and arts education in public schools, suggesting that the private sector may be able to step in.

"Remember, when you take this education out of our schools, you are simply denying our children the right to learn and enjoy the same benefits which are a staple in many other countries around the world," Eubanks said.

Although Eubanks said that music education was integral to his growth, his favorite teacher couldn't be found in a classroom.

"I'm always told, 'OK, say someone other than your mother.' Well, the answer is my mother, Vera Bryant Eubanks. A public-school music teacher for 35 years, music director for the Philadelphia church community for more years than I even know. Every Saturday I woke to her teaching piano lessons. She was completely supportive of all of us pursuing our musical interests, as was my father, even to this day," Eubanks said. "So as you can see, the Eubanks family is a true product of arts and music programs in public schools."



DEFY expectations

About 250 people attended the opening gala for Julius and Dorys Erving's inaugural celebration of the Dorys Erving Fit Youth (DEFY) Foundation on Friday. Among those attending were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and R&B crooner Jeffrey Osborne. No word yet on how much money was raised, but the highest silent-auction bid was a cool $12,000 for a signed cover of Sports Illustrated featuring the good Doctor himself.



Cubicle wars

The Esquire Network knows that sometimes you just got to punch a bro. Its new show "White Collar Brawlers" features co-worker-enemies getting into the ring to beat the snot out of one another. Is it a surprise that a Philly-area guy is on the first ep? Ryan Sainsott, who grew up in Vineland, N.J., takes on former roommie Andrew Devine in the episode premiering tonight at 10.



* Mitchell & Ness launched its VIP shopping space on Friday with some notable names, including performers DJ Ricochet, Chill Moody, Young Chris, DJ Hollywood, DJ Royale and Young Savage. Media personalities, like Hot 107.9's Q Deezy and Laiya St. Clair and 6ABC's Jeff Skversky, were also in attendance.

* World-title-holding boxer Bernard Hopkins cheered on Philly marathoners and gave out high fives at Columbus and Race on Sunday morning.

* "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer caught the Eagles game on Sunday, but his jersey was a little on the strange side. Rather than a number, his jersey sported a question mark.



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