Former Eagle stuns Strahan on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'

Michael Strahan celebrates a TD in Philly . . . in style.

ON TUESDAY'S "Live with Kelly and Michael," host Michael Strahan talked about a 1999 game he played against the Doug Pederson-led Eagles in which he intercepted a pass and ran the ball into the end zone for a touchdown. In spectacular fashion, Strahan celebrated with a Ricky Martin-style pose.

Producers later tracked down a video clip of the game with Strahan's celebration and aired it on yesterday's show. Cute, right?

But that's when things went nuts. During the commercial break, former Eagle Lonnie Palelei stood up and made himself known. The former offensive lineman happened to be the guy chasing Strahan in the clip.

Producers had no idea he was in the audience. Palelei, who now lives in Vegas, was in New York visiting his daughter. He decided to come to the show and waited in yesterday's standby line to get tickets. He just happened to come on the day when the producers decided to air the clip.

The 1999 season was Palelei's last year in the league and his only one with the Eagles. He also played for the Steelers, Jets and Giants, coincidentally, with Strahan.

Normally, I would be skeptical of such television coincidences, but there's no footage of Palelei's initial revelation, and if producers had a clue, I'd have some video to show you.

Sometimes, the world just works in mysterious ways.

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