Saturday, December 27, 2014

Michelle Singletary

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Michelle Singletary is a nationally syndicated columnist for The Washington Post, where she writes the award-winning column, "The Color of Money." In her spare time, Singletary is the director of “Prosperity Partners Ministry,” a program she founded at her church in which women and men, who handle their money well, volunteer to mentor others who are having financial challenges.

Congress has played the Grinch this holiday season for some retirees. Tucked into the federal spending bill were provisions that will allow certain struggling multiemployer pension plans to reduce benefits already being received by retirees.
THE REQUESTS FOR donations have increased as they usually do during the holiday season. Various organizations and charities put on the full-court press before the end of the year to boost charitable giving, in part to cash in on the spirit of the season, and also because the groups know some people become more willing to donate to avoid higher taxes.

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