Healthful food from a truck near Jefferson Hospital

Thai chicken salad at Nourish’d food truck, parked near 10th and Spruce Streets.

The area around Thomas Jefferson University Hospital has seen an uptick in more healthful dining options recently.

The hospital itself – in a joint project with Aramark – has added one more.

It’s a bright yellow food truck called Nourish’d, specializing in made-to-order dishes made of “superfoods” for breakfast and lunch, including such ingredients as acai, farro, and quinoa.

Most of the time – “8 a.m. to 2 p.m.-ish weekdays,” says chef-manager Matt Burke – it’s parked in Lubert Plaza, near the northwest corner of 10th and Locust Streets. It also stops at Methodist Hospital and the Navy Yard, as well as at community events.

Camera icon MICHAEL KLEIN / Staff
Chef Christiana Ruiz and chef manager Matt Burke at Nourish’d food truck, parked near 10th and Locust Streets.

On the breakfast menu are dishes such as avocado toast (avocado on wheatberry toast, roasted grape tomatoes, and cilantro), overnight oats (with chia seeds, almond milk, Greek yogurt, berries, granola, and honey), vegetable breakfast quesadillas (scrambled eggs, Cheddar, portabella mushrooms, red peppers, spinach, asparagus, diced tomato, and pico de gallo on a whole-wheat wrap), and whole wheat banana pancakes, while lunch includes Korean beef tacos, tomatillo gazpacho, and turkey strawberry farro salad.

Camera icon MICHAEL KLEIN / Staff
Overnight oats at Nourish’d food truck, parked near 10th and Locust Streets.

Best of all for Burke and chef Christiana Ruiz, “we’re able to do our own dishes,” Ruiz said, delighted at the creative challenge that’s a rarity in food service. She recently came up with a curried tofu wrap, for example, and offered it as a special.

Prices are reasonable. Breakfast is $4 for the overnight oats to $8 for the quesadilla and $5 for the tomatillo gazpacho to $8 for the tacos.

“This is not about making huge profits,” Burke said. “We know our demographics. We didn’t want to outprice the market.”

Nourish’d food truck, parked near 10th and Locust Streets.