Inqlings | From McNabb, no hard feelings

Macks in Wildwood is on the boardwalk and makes pizza, and says Mack’s Boardwalk Pizzeria is confusing things. Mack’s, of Chadds Ford, says not so.

Originally published March 18, 2007


Angelo Cataldi, meet Emily Post.

Cataldi, the WIP (610) morning host who led the boos against Donovan McNabb when the Eagles drafted him in 1999, showed up for dinner at the Water Works restaurant off Kelly Drive two weeks ago with his wife, Gail; the show's Rhea Hughes, and Hughes' husband, Joseph.

In came McNabb and his family, passing Cataldi and Hughes on their way to another dining room.

Cataldi says he and tablemates debated sending over a round of drinks - when owner Michael Karloutsos told him, "Mr. McNabb wants to buy you a round."

"Oh, did we look like idiots," Cataldi says, adding that debate then ensued over how to thank him.

Cataldi went over to McNabb's table. "He was very much a gentleman," says Cataldi, "and I was Barney Fife, stammering and getting tongue-tied."

Hughes asked management what the McNabbs were drinking. It was a "nice champagne," says Cataldi - $210 a bottle. "Rhea pays for the whole thing herself, but even that's not enough. She wrote them a note: 'Thanks for keeping us employed.' "

Cataldi says he was later told that McNabb asked: "What does that mean?"

"We couldn't have screwed this up any more than we did," says Cataldi. "I felt like the biggest social moron that ever walked the earth."


It's a legal Mack-down!

The pizza palaces Macks and its sibling Mack & Manco's, fixtures on the Wildwood and Ocean City boardwalks since the 1950s, are cheesed off over Mack's Boardwalk Pizzeria, which opened in October in Chadds Ford.

Mack & Manco's lawyers last year dashed off a letter to Mack's Boardwalk Pizzeria, arguing that the name was confusing to Brandywine Valleyans.

The Chadds Ford Mack's - which sought to trademark "Mack's Boardwalk Pizzeria" - shot back in Delaware County Court, claiming that it could use the name because it is about 90 miles from the Shore stores.

Charles Ercole, attorney for the Chadds Ford Mack's, also notes that the Shore's Mack names do not contain Boardwalk and Pizzeria.

Both operations claim a Mack: The Shore spots take it from founders Anthony and Lena Macaroni and his cousin Vince Manco, according to court papers. Ercole says the previous occupant of the Chadds Ford site was McCoy's Pub.

Mack & Manco's filed papers last week seeking to move the case to federal court.

Meanwhile on the food-law front, the federal case rolls on between Pat's King of Steaks and Rick's Original Steaks, pitting cousin against cousin in U.S. District Court. Pat's alleges that Rick's infringed on its trademark.

At this rate, someone is bound to open a water ice/newsstand and call it Reader's.


Anchorwoman I

Wynnewood's Karen Hepp, the NBC10 alumna now reporting and anchoring for Fox in New York, was relaxing pregnantly in her Big Apple pied-à-terre Monday after work when her water broke. She did what any right-thinking person would do: She hightailed it to Penn Station to get a train to Philadelphia.

"I looked a little haggard . . . no makeup, crazy shoes," she says.

Of course that would be when she would run into someone she knew: Sen. Chris Dodd (D., Conn.), whom she covered while working in Hartford. Dodd and his wife, Jackie, were on their way to D.C. "They carried my bags and brought me into business class and helped me through contractions," says Hepp, 36, whose husband, Brian Sullivan, picked her up at 30th Street and sped off to a birthing center in Bryn Mawr. Their first child, Quinn Joseph, was born Tuesday morning.


Anchorwoman II

At the top of Wednesday's 10 p.m. newscast, Fox29's Dawn Stensland apologized for a "self-deprecating" remark that may have offended viewers the night before. "What was it?" readers asked.

Stensland was chatting with medical reporter Brian McDonough and coanchor Dave Huddleston after McDonough's report on sleep deprivation, in which he had said new mothers suffer the worst. "So I fit into your group," said Stensland, who had a son in September. Then she added that she has felt "like a retard because you have no short-term memory." Stensland, who has a heart of gold, apologized to all who phoned and e-mailed her. In a statement, the station said she "in no way meant to disrespect the mentally challenged."


Anchorwoman III

Fox29 anchor Kerri-Lee Halkett, 35, and NBC10 reporter Jamison Uhler, 31, are old buddies - and a new item. They met as undergrads in the '90s at Arizona State; he grew up in Media and she's originally from British Columbia. He works early mornings; she works late afternoons. "It feels like a long-distance relationship," Halkett says.


Reality world

"Humble Bob" Shoudt of Royersford ate more than seven pounds of corned beef and cabbage Friday, but it wasn't enough to advance him at the St. Patrick's Day Chowdown, an eating contest in Savannah, Ga. "I was battling the flu all week," says Shoudt. Spike TV, making its first stab at televising pro gluttony, will show the Chowdown at 2 p.m. today.

The Brian Fortuna Fan Club will convene tomorrow night around a TV set at his mom's Universal Dance Studio in Collingswood as a new season of ABC's Dancing With the Stars debuts. Fortuna, 24, of Haddon Heights, is the pro partner of Miss USA 2004 Shandi Finnessey.


Miracle seeker

Wynnewood political pundit Flavia Colgan, 29, is host/consulting producer of the new Travel Channel series Miracle Quest. Colgan visited celebrated sites around the world (including Lourdes in France, the stigmata of Padre Pio in Italy, and Chimayo in New Mexico) and interviewed believers and skeptics to "give viewers a front-row seat to the borders of understanding." Colgan, who works for MSNBC and is on the Philadelphia Daily News' editorial board, says producers chose her because they "knew I was a person of faith but also a contrarian." The show premieres at 8 p.m. March 30, with episodes scheduled for April 6 and 13.

As for any political miracles she knows: "It would have to be 1776 - the fact that we have a system that works."


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