The General: A historic makeover in Lafayette Hill

Dining room at The General, 646 Germantown Pike, Lafayette Hill.

It’s been awhile since the glory days of the landmark General Lafayette Inn on Germantown Avenue in Lafayette Hill.

A longtime brewpub and microbrewery, it shut down in 2010. Three years later, it was revived as Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery, only to close in early 2016 amid the owner’s divorce.

With a new owner, operators Bob Devine and Nick Ciaffone of the nearby Italian institution From the Boot have removed the brewery and added a fully stocked, two-sided bar.

And, in a move that history buffs may consider a tad Revolutionary, they’ve installed a sushi bar. (Tory meets nori, I guess.)

Camera icon MICHAEL KLEIN / Staff
One bar at The General, 646 Germantown Pike, Lafayette Hill.

It all blends surprisingly well with the atmosphere, a contemporary treatment of a 300-year-old building whose various a la carte and private seating configurations allow it to park about 190 people at once.

Camera icon THE GENERAL
The General, 646 Germantown Pike, Lafayette Hill.

It also has a new name: simply The General (646 Germantown Ave., Lafayette Hill, 610-234-6189), with chef Michael DeLone (ex-Le Castagne) in the kitchen and a dude nicknamed Eric Sushi making the rolls.

Most entrees (fried chicken, meatloaf, roast chicken, rib, pork chop, crab-and-lobster cake) are $22-$28, with a gust into the $30 (dry-aged beef).

It’s serving dinner only in the earliest days.

Camera icon THE GENERAL
Crab and lobster cake at the General in Lafayette Hill.