Inqlings | LaBelle's beast turns 'big baby'

We watch as entertainer Patti LaBelle warily approaches the backyard kennel housing Nasir, her 150-pound South African boerboel. "I walked by one day and he just really tried to get at me," she says on tomorrow's episode of Dog Whisperer (8 p.m.) on National Geographic. "I think he would have had me for lunch."

LaBelle, who says she toyed with the idea of putting Nasir down, wants to give him to her own dog trainer, Susan Rosetti, who has a few mutts of her own. But first, Nasir would need an attitude adjustment to bond with Rosetti's pack.

"Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan worked wonders with Patti LaBelle's fierce canine, Nasir. The threesome are on tomorrow's episode of Millan's show.

Enter show star Cesar Millan, whose very presence at that Aug. 16 session in LaBelle's Wynnewood backyard seemed to calm Nasir - much to LaBelle's and Rosetti's amazement. As Millan and LaBelle hand-fed Nasir peanut butter, Millan concluded that the dog was simply insecure.

(This is so Dr. Phil.)

Millan's solution: train Nasir at his "boot camp" in L.A.

Rosetti drove him out, and the dog bonded with Millan's pack. On Sept. 24, a crew shot Rosetti back at home in Port Richmond with Nasir and her three dogs. LaBelle even walked Nasir on a lead. Happy ending.

Contacted yesterday, Rosetti - a musician in the band Slo-Mo and formerly in Stargazer Lily - called the dog "awesome," though they had a few rough patches. She says he's now "a big baby."

The concrete kennels shown in the episode, by the way, were removed recently under an agreement between LaBelle and Lower Merion Township, which has cited her frequently for her pets' barking. Under the deal, two dogs may live in the house at one time.

Briefly noted

You might find Hugh Douglas quite entertaining as a contributor to the morning show on WIP (610). The former Eagle is also quite the entertainer. I hear that the sold-out crowd at tomorrow's Wing Bowl will be treated to Douglas singing the Commodores hit "Brick House." And here's how the story goes: Douglas, a guest at morning-show host Angelo Cataldi's house party shortly after Christmas, got up on stage while Deja Groove was performing. In the middle of the song, Douglas stopped to do a tribute to James Brown, who had died shortly before.

Wynnewood's Carol Sabik-Jaffe will hear Saturday if her set-in-Philly script Inspector Number Nine wins best comedy screenplay at the International Family Film Festival in Hollywood. It was a finalist at the Broad Humor Film Festival in June and a quarterfinalist at the Austin Film Festival in October.

Justine Simmons - with husband Joseph Simmons (a.k.a. Reverand Run) - will talk up her new book, God, Can You Hear Me?, at the African American Children's Book Fair from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday at Community College of Philadelphia's gymnasium, 17th and Spring Garden Streets.

On the tube

Narberth's Casey Alexander, a Lower Merion grad ('04) and Princeton student, appears on NBC's Law & Order tomorrow (10 p.m., NBC10) as a college student who believes that an Ann Coulter-like character is a racist. His reaction to her leads to a riot and murder in a college auditorium.

Huntingdon Valley's Joshua Blum, an Abington grad ('03) and Drew University senior, turns up Feb. 26 on CBS's Guiding Light (10 a.m., CBS3) as a guy entertaining a girl at a bar. (Hey, it's work.)

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