She's got it goin' on in the lacy world of lingerie

ALEJANDRO A. ALVAREZ / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Lingerie designer Mariel Rojo creates each of her pieces by hand and sells them online and at a co-op on Arch Street near 3rd in Old City.

MARIEL ROJO, 26, of Burholme, is a fashion designer who recently launched a line of lingerie from a co-op on Arch Street near 3rd in Old City. Rojo, a native of Guadalajara, Mexico, graduated in 2011 from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona. She also studied at Philadelphia University and at Moore College of Art & Design. Rojo's lingerie can be found online by searching for her name.

Q: How'd you decide to get into lingerie design?

A: I liked lingerie when I was in school. I started doing dresses but I always went back doing bathing suits for myself and cute little dresses. I said if I really like [lingerie], I should just start doing it and see how it goes.

Q: Tell me about your background.

A: I took a sewing class and loved it. I moved first to New York, and then when I was 19 I moved here. I went to Barcelona when I was 21 and stayed there for three years and came back to Philly three years ago.

Q: What's special about your lingerie?

A: I try to make it playful and colorful and mix in different fabrics and patterns. Each piece is handmade. I use a lot of stretchy, soft fabric. I like underwear to be comfortable and cute.

Q: Your product line?

A: I have thongs, panties and bralettes, which is a little more sporty than a bra. I also make nightgowns and pajamas.

Q: A typical customer?

A: She's between 22 and 35 and I would say she's sexy, playful and dares to be different. She doesn't mind expressing her femininity and she's someone who likes to have power and control.

Q: How much does the lingerie cost?

A: Panties are $22 to $35, but lace is more expensive. The same for thongs. Bralettes are $55 and pajamas are $58 and I have some nightgowns for $80. Everything is hand-sewn by me so I have to consider my time, the cost of the fabric, and I do all the production. Most of my panties are Brazilian cuts.

Q: Brazilian cuts?

A: I think it's so sexy and this cut is very comfortable. I go for smaller cuts, more like a thong, which are short.

Q: What's hot now?

A: Right now it's a mesh panty with a heart shape on the back. Very comfortable, Brazilian cut, it covers more of your hips and doesn't leave wear marks. It's finished with elastic.

Q: Where can one purchase your lingerie?

A: People can see my stuff on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can buy on my website, too. I have some pieces [in the Old City co-op] and at local boutiques.


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