Monday, September 22, 2014
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Marcus Hayes

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Marcus Hayes grew up on a small farm outside of Hermon, NY., a small town near the Canadian border about the size of Reading Terminal Market. In high school he played three varsity sports and aspired to be faster, or more skilled, or taller.

Having failed in those aspirations and seeking a warmer climate, Marcus attended Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and eventually graduated with a degree in Magazine Writing. He also earned a degree in English from the College of Arts and Sciences. To date he has written for no magazines. His English is spotty at best.

Upon graduation in 1990, with Jim Boeheim's talent-leaden SU basketball teams having won no titles, Marcus spent 4 1/2 years working for the now-absorbed Syracuse Herald-journal covering high school sports, local small college sports and non-revenue sports at SU.

Marcus joined the Daily News as a feature story writer in 1995. Among other assignments he has covered the Eagles and Phillies beats for most of his tenure. Still, the paper soldiers on.

Marcus Hayes: Suddenly, the Phillies are scuffling, desperate to score runs. The Nationals are leading the division. The Braves and Marlins have better potential. The Phillies have Rolls Royce pitching and Yugo offense.
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Marcus Hayes
Marcus Hayes: The Eagles traded Asante Samuel to the Falcons for the 229th overall pick in this weekend's draft, apparently because a bag of hammers was way too much to ask. The hammers hit a lot harder than Samuel ever did.
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