Saturday, April 25, 2015

Scottoline and Serritella

Lisa Scottoline and her daughter Francesca Serritella write a column, Chick Wit, for The Sunday Inquirer's Arts&Entertainment section. Lisa is a New York Times best-selling novelist with some 30 million copies in print worldwide. She won the Edgar Award for suspense writing, and is the president of the Mystery Writers of America. She is a Philadelphia native who lives in Chester County with four dogs, two cats, and several chickens. Visit Lisa at

Francesca Serritella graduated cum laude from Harvard University, where she won the Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize, the Le Baron Russell Briggs Fiction Prize, and the Charles Edmund Horman Prize for her creative writing. She is working on a novel, and lives in New York with only one dog, so far. Visit Francesca at

I'm so excited about a new restaurant that just opened in a trendy part of Brooklyn. You know what's on the menu?
Don't fret over Halloween guys and ghouls
State your need, but avoid ultimatum
Mother Mary twerks it out
Last weekend, I had 1,000 people over. And Mother Mary. Guess which put me over the top. Just kidding. We begin with some background. For eight years, I've been giving a book-club party at my house, for book-club members who read my spring hardcover.

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