One thing I'm watching today: Eagles' pass rush vs. Philip Rivers

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers will be happy that star Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox is out of Sunday’s game.

Today I’ll be watching whether the Eagles can get enough pressure on Philip Rivers to keep the Chargers’ passing game in check, with Fletcher Cox back in Philly rehabbing his strained right calf.

Cox and Jordan Hicks both left last week’s game in the first half, so it’s hard to attribute the defense’s fourth-quarter problems to the loss of Cox alone, but 24 points in a quarter is kind of a disaster; a lot more would have been written and said about this had Jake Elliott not connected on that franchise-record 61-yard field goal.

I expect to see Brandon Graham rushing from the inside some today. Big opportunity for guys like Beau Allen and Derek Barnett, who should get more snaps.