Ten Pounds Thinner in an Instant


ALL RIGHT, Philly, spring has officially sprung - time to begin the spring-to-summer slim down. If you overindulged all winter, or you simply want to look 10 pounds thinner, I've got a solution for you. No, you can't lose the pounds overnight, but you can look 10 pounds thinner (and younger) instantly if you try some of these techniques.

Posture perfect: There's a reason your mother told you to stop slouching. Aside from the obvious - maintaining good spinal health - standing up straight automatically makes you look slimmer, younger and more confident.

Foundations: If you want to subtract inches from your appearance, a properly fitted bra is a must! A bra that's too small will create unattractive lumps and rolls. Wear a bra that's too big and you'll look saggy and baggy.

Style, fabric and fit: Improperly fitted clothing, whether it's too big or too small, adds pounds to your look. That's right, if you want to appear slimmer, avoid wearing the tight pants that give you a muffin top or butt cleavage.

Proper fit effortlessly subtracts pounds. When buying clothes, whether for men or women, it's all about one thing: the cut. A poorly cut garment can be disastrous.

(Send me an email and I'll send you a list of the top 10 things to avoid when buying clothes.)

Hair: The right style can take a decade off your appearance with a snap. Invest in a style, cut and color that complements you. As with clothing, different hairstyles can add or subtract weight.

For example, an updo or side part are slimming, while a center part makes the face look rounder.

Makeup: Properly applied, it can add or subtract pounds and years. Tanned skin makes you look slimmer, and so does popping the eyes with the perfect brows and fabulous lashes.

Shoes: Although they're uncomfortable to wear and hazardous to your health in several ways, high heels do add a vertical advantage, creating a thinner profile.

Try all these tips and one more: Never leave the house without your lovely smile.

Kimberly Garrison is a wellness coach and owner of One on One Ultimate Fitness in Philadelphia. Her column appears Wednesdays.