Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kevin Riordan

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A native of western Massachusetts, Kevin Riordan received a degree in journalism from Syracuse University. His first newspaper job was at the Cherry Hill News, a Gannett-owned weekly.  At the Courier Post, he was the one-man bureau in Camden for eight years and also held a number of other high-profile jobs. He left the paper in 2007 and became vice president for communications for Volunteers of America of the Delaware Valley.

Kevin Riordan: The former New York City and Newark school system administrator seems bright, energetic, and - after less than five months on his $210,000 job - comfortable heading up the beleaguered public school system in one of America's poorest cities.
As it became clear Friday that a sharply divided New Jersey Pinelands Commission would reject a proposed natural gas pipeline, supporters and opponents in the room were united - in surprise.
Documents suggest 'traffic study' was political

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