Friday, October 31, 2014
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Kevin Riordan

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A native of western Massachusetts, Kevin Riordan received a degree in journalism from Syracuse University. His first newspaper job was at the Cherry Hill News, a Gannett-owned weekly.  At the Courier Post, he was the one-man bureau in Camden for eight years and also held a number of other high-profile jobs. He left the paper in 2007 and became vice president for communications for Volunteers of America of the Delaware Valley.

The perils of PATCO - mechanical failures, disrupted schedules, jammed trains, the occasional fire - are creating community, as well as misery.
Philly in running for neighborhood improvement grant
SEPTA union boss: We're not afraid to strike
Robert Goodman says a new heart hasn't made him a new man. Not yet, anyway. "I haven't quite gotten to the point of waking up every day and saying, 'I'm glad I'm alive,' although I do think about that," says the Westampton resident, 62.
'White coat effect' is real, study finds

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