Friday, November 21, 2014
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Kevin Riordan

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A native of western Massachusetts, Kevin Riordan received a degree in journalism from Syracuse University. His first newspaper job was at the Cherry Hill News, a Gannett-owned weekly.  At the Courier Post, he was the one-man bureau in Camden for eight years and also held a number of other high-profile jobs. He left the paper in 2007 and became vice president for communications for Volunteers of America of the Delaware Valley.

Volunteer firefighters in Burlington County who lost their century-old headquarters five years ago are regaining a different piece of the past.
Video: Engine of history
Kevin Riordan: As nicknames go, "NoBe" and "SoHo by the Shore" are catchier, and carry more cachet, than "Redevelopment Zone."
Fund to help with elevating Sandy-damaged houses
Got a Shore tune? Contest seeks anthem

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