Friday, February 12, 2016

Karla Klein Albertson

Karla Klein Albertson began her journalism career with an eye on antiquities, receiving her M.A. in Classical Archaeology from Bryn Mawr College and honing her research skills in museum storerooms.

Albertson has written the Antiques column for the Home and Design section of The Inquirer since 1996. She also contributes regularly to the Maine Antique Digest, Early American Life, and other collecting publications and home magazines.

She continues to travel widely, most recently in favorite countries England and Italy. Her off-hours pursuits are tai chi, music, and – of course – collecting.

Next week in Amsterdam, Sotheby's will begin selling 76,000 pieces of Chinese Export porcelain recovered from a circa 1725 shipwreck off the coast of present-day Vietnam. Because it was bound for the western market, the cargo reveals the era's fads and fashions in Europe, and precise details about the arduous journey made by goods in demand.