Thursday, October 8, 2015

Joseph N. DiStefano

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Joseph N. DiStefano writes business stories for the Inquirer, including the PhillyDeals column on Sundays, Mondays and often on other days too, as well as the blog at

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Latest post: Philly the poorest, not the cheapest, of Top 10 U.S. cities - Links - about 1 hour ago
For all Philadelphia's claims of being an "international city," the last of its once-grand corps of European diplomats almost pulled out last year.
Moody's Investors Service last week rated Pennsylvania's latest state bond borrowings Aa2 - better than New Jersey's but below Delaware's and other "highest-quality" states' - and cited the commonwealth's slower-than-average economic growth, along with its politicians' chronic record of voting public workers generous retirement pensions but failing to pay for them, as reasons not to rank it higher.

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