Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Joseph N. DiStefano

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Joseph N. DiStefano writes business stories for the Inquirer, including the PhillyDeals column on Sundays, Mondays and often on other days too, as well as the blog at www.philly.com/phillydeals.

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Latest post: DuPont hits 2-year low as farms buy less - 4:32pm
Last Thursday, as his old company got sold again, for $925 million, Michael Golden sat back with a jungle-colored Mo'Green smoothie, as a resort-quality summer breeze cooled through the wide west windows of Bryn & Dane's restaurant in Plymouth Meeting, and talked about what he's investing in since his days as an e-commerce pioneer.
The cost of paying public-worker pensions is soaring even for some well-off suburban towns. Consider Radnor Township. This leafy cluster of Main Line villages paid $3.3 million in 2014 to stabilize its police and civilian pension plans, tripling what it paid in 2006.

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