Sunday, July 13, 2014
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Jonathan Takiff

Jonathan Takiff writes about music and technology for the Daily News.

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THE GIZMO: Gizmo Granddaughter previews Sesame Street "Let's Rock! Elmo," one of the hottest toys hyped for the holidays. HER FIRST REVIEW: If Leah could type, I'm sure she'd give "Let's Rock! Elmo" a rave notice. She loves it when the parental units put on music. (Don't know where she got that.)
New discs showcase classic art, Gabriel concert
THE GIZMO: Two "show pieces" for your high-res TV screen and home theater sound system earn our roaring approval. BRING IT ALL HOME: If you were a Bill Gates, you might buy the great Corbis Collection of art and photo images (as Mr. Microsoft actually did), in part to display the works on your big-screen sets. If you were a Warren Buffett, you could commission great musicians to perform for parties in your living room.

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