Jonathan Storm in Beverly Hills

The Inquirer's television critic attends the Television Critics Association Press Tour.

Actress Jean Smart, left, executive producer Donald Todd, center, and actress Christina Applegate of the new television comedy "Samantha Who?" take questions from the television critics.

The Press Tour is a semi-annual gathering of all the nation's newspaper TV critics, or at least the ones whose newspapers will pay to send them, combined with lots of Angelinos who make some money covering TV. From PBS, through 8 million cable networks and all the big broadcast boys, it goes on until July 27, and Jon will be there, your eyes, ears and big, fat mouth.

On this page, you will be able to find Jon's audio reports, for which he arises before dawn to try to get a few minutes of news and commentary to The Inquirer in time for them to be posted online by 1 p.m.

Today's reports, the last from this meeting of the TV critics, include a Christina Applegate on her new comedy, "Samantha Who?" and Faith Ford, from "Carpoolers," at the final party.

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