Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jonathan Storm

Jonathan Storm has watched television since he was 5 years old. He would wake up early, turn on the TV and watch the test patterns as he waited for The Modern Farmer to begin. Five years later, he began his news career as editor-in-chief of the mimeographed newspaper in Mr. Merrill's fifth-grade class.

He spent six years as a true journalist at the Rutland Herald (Vt.) and six more at the Detroit Free Press. He joined The Inquirer in 1982, working as an editor in various departments. In 1987, he edited the newspaper's special sections on the Constitution and a companion four-month series. The package won a national award from the Benjamin Franklin Foundation as best special Constitution coverage by a newspaper.

Seeing an opportunity to watch television for a living, he grabbed it and became The Inquirer's television critic in 1990. His reviews appear in the Daily Magazine.

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Jonathan Storm 11/05/2008
With three cable networks and five broadcast networks elbowing one another all over the TV screen, it was local stalwart Jim Gardner who last night won the election-reporting sweepstakes.
A change that resonates beyond U.S.
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A historic victory for Obama
The Inquirer's television critic attends the Television Critics Association Press Tour.
The Press Tour is a semi-annual gathering of all the nation's newspaper TV critics, or at least the ones whose newspapers will pay to send them, combined...
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