Saturday, February 6, 2016

John Gonzalez

John Gonzalez has written for the Inquirer, Boston magazine, Village Voice Media, Men's Journal and a host of other outlets he either can't remember or chooses to forget. He also ran for U.S. Congress once (and still won't shut up about it). After scribbling many words for print publications, he's now committed full-time to digital endeavors. Turns out the Internet isn't a fad after all. Tell your friends.

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Sep 7 - 1:32 AM
There's a hilarious scene in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy where the members of various news stations around town gather to fight gangland style. Too many outlets in San Diego, they mutually decide, so they grab tire irons and chains and do battle.
Sep 7 - 1:32 AM
I've always liked storms. Yesterday's especially. It made sense. We had nothing but college football and gunboat gray skies to bide our time until today. Yet the delay seemed appropriate. Brett Myers' performance Friday against the Mets was masterly. My buddy and I watched the thing slack-jawed, awed by what Myers was able to do. Eight innings of shutout baseball - and all from a guy who's had a very strange season indeed. Greg Dobbs' homer barely cleared the wall. Amazing stuff all around.