Friday, November 28, 2014
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John Baer

John M. Baer is a graduate of Mount St. Mary's University in Maryland, holds a Masters Degree from Temple University, is a former Fellow of the American Political Science Assn. in Washington, under whose auspices he studied at the Brookings Institution and worked a year in Congress, and a Fellow of the Loyola University School of Law's inaugural Journalist Law School program in Los Angeles. The National Journal (in 2002) called Baer one of the country's top 10 political journalists outside Washington, saying Baer has, "the ability to take the skin off a politician without making it hurt too much."


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CALL IT A PEEK at the possible. A freshman state lawmaker is posting his expenses on his Web site for the world and, more importantly, his constituents, to see.
TOO BAD OSCAR nominations were announced yesterday. George W. Bush certainly deserves one for his portrayal last night of a president earnestly engaging the nation with bold, new domestic plans and workable policies to win in Iraq.

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