Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jill Porter

Jill Porter is Philadelphia all the way. Born here, educated here - at Germantown High School and Temple University - and permanent fixture at the Daily News since 1975. In her tiny office are her favorite mementoes of writing a column all these years: plaques in recognition of her work, awards from civic associations for championing their cause, and a t-shirt from a favorite reader that says: "Hand over the chocolate and no one will get hurt." Also on display are photographs of her husband, Fred Hamilton, son Zachary Chalfin Hamilton, and her Golden retriever, Maxi. In real life, Porter likes to dance, read, hike, ride her bike, work out at the gym - and eat chocolate.
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BAD INFORMATION. Threats to cut off electricity. Inadequately trained customer-service representatives with attytood. That's what some hapless customers of Philadelphia Electric Co. have endured in the aftermath of an October changeover in the billing system that has wreaked havoc with some accounts.
WILHELMINA JONES and her daughter made sure to do their homework before renting their house in Southwest Philadelphia. Jones is ailing and out of work and her daughter was eight months pregnant at the time. The $3,000 they had for rent and security deposit was a gift from a family member; there was no more where it came from.