Pretty dumb comment, Mr. Prez

FILE -- in this Feb. 16, 2012 file photo President Barack Obama walks with California Attorney General Kamala Harris after arriving at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco. Obama praised Harris for more than her smarts and toughness at a Democratic Party event Thursday, April 4, 2013. The president also commended Harris for being "the best-looking attorney general" during a Democratic fundraising lunch in the Silicon Valley. (AP Photo / Eric Risberg, File)

NO DISRESPECT, Mr. President, but you really should have known better than to bring up the subject of California Attorney General Kamala Harris' looks the way you did Thursday.

True, she's one gorgeous woman. Everyone at that fundraiser in Silicon Valley that you both attended could take one look at Harris and see it. Trust me, Harris knows it, too. No doubt she's reminded every time she walks down the street. So, there was no need to bring it up the way you did when you called her the "best-looking attorney general in the country."

Mr. President, you were doing just fine when you pointed to Harris' many attributes, referring to her as "brilliant," "dedicated" and "tough." But then you went where too many men have blindly stumbled before and weighed in on her appearance.

I'll bet you embarrassed her but good.

You see, when you're trying to get ahead based on your skills and abilities, constantly having people comment on your looks can be deflating. It gets old. Harris is attorney general - not Miss USA. People toss her name around a possible gubernatorial candidate or maybe even a future Supreme Court Justice.

How her facial features are arranged should be irrelevant. No wonder feminists and folks on Twitter have come down so hard on you.

I'm glad you realize you erred and have apologized to Harris for the distraction your comments caused. Going forward, you'd be wise to heed the wisdom of your friend James Carville, the Democratic strategist, and learn to keep mum.

"Look, I'm a 68-year-old guy and I do notice honestly the way that women look sometimes, but you've got to learn to sort of keep your opinions to yourself," Carville said on MSNBC. "I doubt if he'll do it again. Not the worst thing that ever happened. Based on the pictures, it's probably true."

Yeah, it's true.

But Harris has to be tired of hearing it by now.


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