Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jeff Gelles

Jeff Gelles
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Jeff Gelles covers consumer and technology topics for the Inquirer and writes the weekly Consumer 14.0 and Tech Life columns for The Inquirer.  He welcomes comments in this blog as well as calls and e-mails about consumers' concerns. Contact him at 215-854-2776 or Follow him on Twitter @jeffgelles.

You may have read in my column about Verizon's new FiOS television offer, Custom TV. But you won't have seen commercials for it on, say, 6ABC.
OK, let's all take a deep breath about our hometown cable powerhouse. You can make merry or mourn over Comcast's decision - pushed by federal regulators - to drop its $45 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable. Then you can join me in focusing on more pressing business at hand now in Philly: the expected renewal of Comcast's citywide franchises - the first in 15 years. City officials have scheduled six public meetings for this week as they start negotiating. It's your chance to speak up.

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