Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jeff Gelles

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Jeff Gelles covers consumer and technology topics for the Inquirer and writes the weekly Consumer 14.0 and Tech Life columns for The Inquirer.  He welcomes comments in this blog as well as calls and e-mails about consumers' concerns. Contact him at 215-854-2776 or Follow him on Twitter @jeffgelles.

Jeff Gelles: An asthma inhaler that beeps when you can't find it or alerts you if you accidentally leave it behind. Eyeglasses that can treat seasonal affective disorder and other reactions to a lack of sunshine.
The Internet's biggest stories last week - news about the 'Net, that is, not Turkish mine disasters, California wildfires, or the latest lunacy from NBA owner Donald Sterling - unfolded on two continents, thousands of miles apart. But both offered a valuable reminder of something easily forgotten: We're still in the early days of a world-changing technology, and still struggling - often against some mighty interests - to get it right.

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