Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Jeff Gelles

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Jeff Gelles covers consumer and technology topics for the Inquirer and writes the weekly Consumer 14.0 and Tech Life columns for The Inquirer.  He welcomes comments in this blog as well as calls and e-mails about consumers' concerns. Contact him at 215-854-2776 or jgelles@phillynews.com. Follow him on Twitter @jeffgelles.

Jeff Gelles: It's tough to gauge the impact of Philadelphia's start-up-rich technology community on the city and the region. But there's plenty of reason for hope - and plenty of challenges for an area aspiring to compete in the high-tech big leagues.
Last week, thousands of Pennsylvanians who complained that their power prices had jumped unexpectedly this winter - sometimes doubling or tripling their bills - got something all too unusual in today's marketplace: help, if a bit belated, from a government agency.

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