Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Jeff Gelles

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Jeff Gelles covers consumer and technology topics for the Inquirer and writes the weekly Consumer 14.0 and Tech Life columns for The Inquirer.  He welcomes comments in this blog as well as calls and e-mails about consumers' concerns. Contact him at 215-854-2776 or Follow him on Twitter @jeffgelles.

Jeff Gelles: The biggest iPhones ever, with new and improved sensors. A new mobile-payment system with Apple's pedigree and a promise to protect your financial data. A camera with a long list of gee-whiz features such as 240-frames-per-second video. And, coming next year, an Apple Watch that aims to upend the fledgling market for wearable technology - and that starts at $349 and requires an iPhone to work.
Video: Hands-On With Apple Watch: Was It Worth the Wait?
Video: Hands-on with Apple Watch: Was it worth the wait?
Video: Apple's new mobile wallet
I'm probably the last person you'd expect to wax nostalgic about the loss of - what to call it? - a shopping opportunity. I work at the edge of a mall, but I rarely set foot in its stores. When my wife eyes quaint shops on vacation, I've got other ideas. Even craft shows full of beautiful objects tend to try my patience.
Beloved Chestnut Hill toy store closing

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