Sunday, February 7, 2016

Inga Saffron

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Inga Saffron is the Architecture critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Latest post: Gardening the City - Oct 17 - 4:27 PM
For 86 years, the Philadelphia Museum of Art has reigned as the city's most majestic building, a golden crown perched in splendid isolation atop its Fairmount hill. Yet, there is a good reason it is still sometimes called the "Greek garage." Inside, the great temple remains a work-in-progress.
Aided by an army of lawyers, consultants, and architects, Children's Hospital seems well on its way to winning approval for a huge, auto-centric office park in the middle of a thriving rowhouse neighborhood on the Schuylkill. All it needs is an endorsement on Tuesday from the Planning Commission; then it's off to the Zoning Board for a routine variance.

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