Friday, December 26, 2014

Inga Saffron

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Inga Saffron is the Architecture critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Latest post: Gardening the City - 10/17/2013
They've reconstructed the space in front of Philadelphia's palatial City Hall, furnished it with a cafe, a high-tech spray fountain and movable chairs, and rebranded it Dilworth Park. But the vast granite prairie is still very much a plaza, with all the weaknesses the word implies.
A new wave on the Delaware waterfront
Back in 2008, during the first giddy days of his administration, Mayor Nutter made the obligatory trip down to the Delaware to give a speech. Taking the stage in the overbuilt, underused Independence Seaport Museum, he announced that waterfront development was a top priority and that he would follow the recommendations of the new PennPraxis study. It was "a carpe diem moment" for the city, he assured the crowd.
Union, developers regret drawn-out Goldtex fight
Spruce St. Harbor Park will return in 2015

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