Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Inga Saffron

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Inga Saffron is the Architecture critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Latest post: Gardening the City - 10/17/2013
Philadelphia's powerful council president, Darrell L. Clarke, surprised no one last month when he announced he wasn't going to run for mayor. Why bother with the inconveniences of a campaign when you can simply introduce a bill telling the next mayor how to do the job?
The Germantown YWCA is nearing its 100th birthday, and the old gal isn't doing so well. The windows of the stately Georgian Revival residence hotel on Germantown Avenue are covered with plywood. Having suffered two fires, her brick walls are a bit wobbly, and there's a hole in the roof. Some would gladly put her out of her misery right now. But without the YWCA, Germantown wouldn't be Germantown.

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