Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inga Saffron

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Inga Saffron is the Architecture critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Latest post: Gardening the City - 10/17/2013
This art deco movie palace, which wears its colorful tiles for all to see from the street, has escaped the fate of some of the city's other cultural venues.
This has been a heartbreaking year for Philadelphia's historic cultural venues. Chestnut Street's Boyd Theater, the glittering survivor of Hollywood's golden age, is being hacked apart and turned into a development site. Developers have been granted permission by the Nutter administration to do the same to South Street's Royal Theater and Broad Street's Blue Horizon, as long as they retain the facades as two-dimensional tokens of their former glory.
Dive bar connects Philly to its gritty past
Good Eye: Italian Bankers Row
History behind Market Street store with wave-like facade
In the old days - like maybe 10 years ago - people who wanted to start a business would rent an office, hang out a shingle, hire a receptionist, and get down to work. Now, people of an entrepreneurial persuasion launch a start-up, join a co-working space, and find collaborators, often while making coffee in said space's communal kitchen.
Saffron: Digital billboards more harm than good

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